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Cement Leveling with Masonry


In this mini-series with Dan Carbone and Joe Work, Owner of Mr. Level, we cover cement leveling with masonry. A lot of people don’t know that even though Mr. Level is a cement leveling business, we can still do something with masonry.


You can see (below) that there is a masonry step (brick) with a sandstone top. Fortunately, this masonry was placed on top of a patio. If this was not on a patio, we would not have been able to complete this job. Since this has a base we were able to drill through the base and drill through the step and the base as one entity

You can see (below) the step is now level and we brought it up.It saved this whole job. If they were to redo the patio and the step it would have been a $6,000 job. It ended up only being a $2,000 job. They walked away and were absolutely ecstatic.

We were able to save this couple of having to match their brick home to a new modern patio. By only leveling the step we “saved their backyard.


Instead of tearing up their backyard, which would have put them out for 1-2 weeks, we were able to complete this job in an hour and a half. This is definitely something to think about if you have an upcoming event. With summer on the horizon, you’ll likely be hosting events in your backyard. Prevent those trip hazards and call Mr. Level today!