Parma Heights, OH

In the past, concrete leveling required heavy equipment and a big construction project. In fact, some concrete leveling companies are still using this old technique. But here at Mr. Level, we use the latest in polyfoam leveling technology. This means our services are minimally invasive.

Wooster, OH

Commercial properties must adhere to safety regulations and ADA compliance guidelines. This means broken, cracked, or uneven concrete on a commercial property can results in a costly fine – a fine much more expensive than simply repairing the concrete in the first place. Mr. Level’s concrete repair and leveling services are quick, safe, and, best of all, affordable.

Twinsburg, OH

Failing concrete can lead to a host of other problems. You may be unwittingly causing damage to your home by not fixing minor concrete issues. Crumbling foundation, uneven concrete slabs, even a cracked porch can result in leaks, which can damage your house’s structure. Reach out to the professionals at Mr. Level Concrete Leveling for an assessment of your concrete.

Solon, OH

Uneven, broken, or cracked concrete, even if minor, is a trip and fall hazard. This is especially true in the rain or snow. Don’t put yourself or others in a potentially dangerous situation. Mr. Level can repair and level your driveway, sidewalk, or porch to prevent accidents.

Strongsville, OH

Let’s face it, concrete that has fallen into disrepair is not a pretty site. And as time passes, the view is only going to get worse. Mr. Level Concrete Leveling specializes in repairing sunken concrete slabs and cracked sidewalks or driveways. Allow our professional team to revitalize your concrete.

Seven Hills, OH

During our cold and unpredictable Midwest winters, the ground around your home will freeze and thaw many times, resulting in changes and shifts in the soil. This movement of the soil under your concrete driveway, patio, and sidewalk, can cause it to sink and crack. As a local business, Mr. Level knows just how our Ohio weather can wreak havoc on concrete – and we know how to fix it with our leveling process.

Rocky River, OH

Concrete leveling services from Mr. Level is the answer to your cracking, sunken, or sloped concrete slab. And our services are quick – much faster than the other guys. We’ll have your concrete leveled in a matter of hours.

Painesville, OH

Cracked, uneven sidewalks aren’t just unsightly, they’re also dangerous. Repairing your uneven sidewalks should be a priority. Unfortunately, many home and business owners put off this type of repair because they think it will require a complete replacement of the concrete area. But that’s not the case! At Mr. Level, our pros can level out your sidewalk, leaving a safe, even surface, in just a few hours – without replacing the concrete.

Parma, OH

Did you know crumbling steps, an uneven porch, or damp basement can actually lower the value of your home? It’s true. But you don’t have to let concrete problems drag down your home’s value. Reach out to the professional team at Mr. Level Concrete Leveling for help.

Olmstead Falls, OH

Nearly all concrete sidewalks, driveways, or slabs begin to shift and sink over time. It’s just the nature of concrete and the surrounding soil. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with uneven surfaces or cracked, broken concrete. Mr. Level’s concrete leveling service can restore your concrete to the smooth, even surface it should be.

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