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Concrete Leveling 

Worthington, OH

Concrete Leveling ContractorsWorthington, OH

Replacing a concrete slab can be extremely costly, even for small areas like patios or stairs. Because of this, many home and business owners leave their concrete slabs to sink further and further, causing cracks and breaks.

Less Costly Than Replacement

In contrast to the cost of replacing your entire concrete slab, repair and leveling services are extremely affordable. The process generally takes only a few hours, which helps us keep costs down.  Don’t put up with sunken concrete because you can’t afford to get it replaced – you don’t need to!

Get a no-obligation quote from Mr. Level and check out just how budget-friendly our leveling services can be.

Why Choose Us?


Mr. Level is licensed and insured, making sure your project is reliable and up to codes and regulations.

Lifetime Warranty

We back our service and products with a lifetime transferrable warranty.

Fast & Convenient

Our polymers set in less than 25 minutes, require no excavation, and don't put you out of your home.


Our process is a fraction of the cost of replacement, is long-lasting, and requires no excavation.

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Concrete Leveling Before and After

Concrete leveling with polyurethane foam injection is a fast and effective way to get your sunken concrete slabs back to level. Check out the below before and after images to see how it works!

Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After

ExploreWorthington, OH

The Blue Skies of Worthington

A true Midwest gem, the little town of Worthington, OH, is a great place to be. We always enjoy helping our clients in Worthington. If you’re in Worthington, don’t miss these neat things to see:

McConnell Arts Center

There’s so much to see and do at McConnell Arts Center. Whether you’re interested in visual art, performance, or music, McConnell Arts Center has something for you. Tour the center for beautiful visual arts displays and then stay on for a play or musical performance. Great for all ages, McConnell Arts Center is dedicated to installing a love of art in everyone.

Ohio Railway Museum

You don’t have to be a train enthusiast to enjoy the Ohio Railway Museum. Tour the museum to learn about the history of railroads and how they shaped the local community and our country. Explore historic train cars, learn what life on the railroad was really like, and imagine what life would be like without our rich railway history.

Orange Johnson House

The Orange Johnson House is one of the oldest buildings in Central Ohio. Built in 1811, with many additions done throughout the 1800’s, the Orange Johnson House is now a museum displaying artifacts from the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Many of the original elements of the house remain, offering visitors a true glimpse of the past.

As Seen On

Our non-invasive concrete repair processes have been featured on Cleveland’s and Columbus’s most prominent media outlets!