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Fix Your Concrete Fast with Polyurethane Injection

Fix Your Concrete Fast with Concrete Leveling

Sunken concrete is a nuisance, one faced by everyone from property owners to pedestrians. The action of sinking can create cracks, causing ugly and dangerous damage to concrete slabs. The best solution to all your issues in this regard is the process of polyurethane injection. Polyurethane comes with several positives ranging from the simplicity of the process itself to what is perhaps its greatest benefit; the essence of speed.

The polyurethane injection process is remarkable in its simplicity. Several dime-sized holes are drilled in the problem concrete area. The polyurethane is then injected directly into these holes. Once the high-density polymer has fully expanded and hardened, the affected concrete should be returned to the desired level. The last step of the process is refilling the application holes in order to ensure proper safety and pleasing cosmetic appearances.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of polyurethane injection in the repairing of concrete slabs is the sheer speed of the process. Barring unforeseen complications, most sunken concrete jobs can be completed in a single day. In ideal conditions, the process may take less than an hour! But you might be asking yourself; if the process is so quick, then how effective can it really be?

The adage says that “you can do something fast, or you can do it right.” Happily, that isn’t the case with this process. With polyurethane injection, you aren’t sacrificing quality for speed at all, and make no mistake; sometimes the job does call for speed. Case in point; infrastructure rehabilitation. Sunken concrete slabs in waterway systems and roadways can’t be left untreated for long. This is an obvious safety issue. Not to mention all the headaches that could come with closing a heavily used length of highway for an extended period of time. The speed and simplicity of polyurethane injection washes all that away. Instead of days or weeks of downtime, things are up and moving again in a matter of hours.

If you’re trying to decide between two factors in the choice of concrete repair method, specifically quality and speed, then you can probably tell by this point that polyurethane injection offers the best of both worlds. Not only is it a near fool-proof method, but it can also be done in a timely manner without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness. To get your sunken slabs back to top condition in no time at all, contact a local contractor today!