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How Do I Prevent Water from Leaking into My Basement?

water leaks lead to flooding

At Mr. Level, we specialize in polyurethane concrete lifting and one of our most important jobs is preventing water from leaking into someone’s home. We get calls from customers who already have water leaking into their basements, and calls from people who see the water on the outside of their homes, but it isn’t making its way into their house yet.

Mr. Level should be the first call you make to ensure your home is safe from water, even before you call a waterproofer!

This customer had water leaking into their basement because of the sunken concrete shown here. So, we went there, lifted the concrete with polyurethane, and tipped it the other way so that the water was draining away from their house.

This process only cost the customer a few hundred dollars which is much less expensive than if they had called a waterproofer!

Polyurethane Prevents Pooling Water

Below is a photo of a customer’s driveway which part of had settled allowing water to pool up against their house. This is one of the worst projects we have ever done in regards to how much water there was leaking into the house.

We were able to lift their driveway so that water wouldn’t be able to collect there anymore!

Polyurethane Concrete Lifting

Polyurethane is a great tool for cases such as the two because as we lift the concrete, the polyurethane is filling the voids and it is watertight, so it is its own waterproofer.

The process is really simple, we drill a dime-sized hole, and we put our ports in the ground, and then the foam goes in, and within 15 seconds it hardens which pushes the concrete up.

You will be able to park in your driveway the same day, as soon as we finish and in most cases, we can be in and out before you get home from work!

If you have an issue with water leaking into your home because of unleveled concrete, contact us at Mr. Level, and we can raise your concrete in just one day.