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Leveling Concrete in Confined Spaces

Do you have uneven concrete on your property? Is your land sloped, cracked or just not level? Let Mr Level restore your concrete to an even and comfortable grade.

Our concrete leveling with polyurethane can level out just about any ground, even in tight or closed-off spaces. Keep reading to find out the benefits of leveling concrete in confined spaces.

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Concrete Leveling in Confined Spaces

When concrete slabs sink into the ground, it’s usually due to hallow or unstable ground beneath the concrete. Over time, even a concrete foundation that was once stable can give way to erosion.

Unlevel concrete and eroded land can be particularly challenging in confined spaces – like a backyard patio, a small shed floor or a tiny garage. If you want to remove and replace all the concrete, you don’t have much room to work with. Getting broken concrete out is a hassle and pouring new concrete is a logistics nightmare.

It may seem easier to just forget about your small patch of uneven concrete. Thankfully, you don’t have to. Mr. Level’s concrete leveling with polyurethane is ideal for tight and confined spaces.


Cracked, broken and sunken concrete can be completely replaced. However, that’s an expensive option and usually not necessary. Instead, you can raise you concrete up, stabilize the ground beneath it and level out your land to an even grade

This is how Mr. Level uses polyurethane to level concrete:

  • We drill a small, dime-sized hole into your ground.
  • We pump polyurethane into the surface below.
  • We raise the ground up until it is level and secure.

Most jobs only require one man and one machine. Concrete leveling with polyurethane is a fast and effective way to get results. Our job sites have little impact on your home – and many leveling projects can be completed in just one day.


Even the smallest of areas can benefit from concrete leveling. Just because your property is small doesn’t mean it needs to be unlevel. Our process of concrete leveling with polyurethane lets us work in close quarters and still deliver quality results.

Don’t take another uncomfortable step on your uneven property. Get rid of the trip and fall hazards and even out your sloped ground. Contact Mr. Level for concrete leveling with polyurethane in North Ridgeville, OH.