Mudjacking is a cost effective, reliable alternative to replacing concrete

Leveling concrete with mudjacking

Slabs of concrete including sidewalks, garages, pool decks, and driveways often sink due to settlement or erosion of soil. This can cause hazards and dangers for your family and guests alike. Don't replace it, level your concrete with mudjacking. 

Mudjacking in Three Easy Steps:

  1. Drill Holes: Mr. Level will drill a one to two inch diameter hole(s) directly into your slab(s) of concrete, after which the grout mixture is pumped into.
  2. Lift Concrete: After the voids beneath the concrete slab(s) are filled, the pressure from the pumping in the material supports, and lifts the concrete slab(s). 
  3. Fill Holes: Once the concrete slab(s) are lifted and level, the drilled holes are filled/patched with a concrete mixture. 

Polyurethane foam injection is a superior alternative to mudjacking. To learn more about polyurethane click here.

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