Polyurethane Foam Materials

Polyurethane Concrete Raising Comes with a Material Benefit

Polyurethane foam materials are extremely reliable and versatile. Mr. Level is partnered with HMI and uses their industry-leading products. Their foam is designed for differing conditions and application that works for residential and lightweight work to heavy and high-density commercial work. 

Go Green with Mr. Level

Our poly foam from HMI is always mixed fresh and never comes from a distribution center where it's been sitting for weeks. In addition to our fresh material, HMI's poly uses more than 40% recycled materials. Leaving a positive impact on our environment by reducing our national carbon footprint is important. HMI products are the only poly material out there that is this green and eco-friendly. 

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The environmentally friendly polyfoam was developed by an internal chemist and was engineered specifically for the concrete raising process. You're not just going green with our materials… by repairing and leveling concrete instead of replacing, tons of concrete slabs are saved from landfills!

Poly Foam Products

 Mr. Level has poly foam products for all concrete raising applications, read about them below.

  • RR201 is quick to react and therefore used for a lightweight application.
  • RR401 is a higher density foam that works best for industrial sized projects where heavy concrete is lifted.
  • RR401FAST reacts in about half the time as RR401 and is ideal for smaller scaled heavy-concrete projects.
  • RR401G is a poly foam with specs to accommodate very wet or underwater conditions.
  • RR501 is made for situations when the material flow is required, best for undersealing and joint stabilization.
  • RR601 is built for infrastructure, often overseen by Department of Transportation.
  • RR600 is used in floors, sea walls, piers, and more as a single component soil stabilizer.


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