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Replacing your break wall can be costly and time consuming.
Let us help you understand the benefits of Void Filling your seawall.

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If you live along Lake Erie, you likely have a seawall – also known as a break wall – which helps to prevent flooding and deters shore erosion. Seawalls are commonly made from concrete, which means that the high-impact energy from the waves can cause it to crack, break, or fall. For a cost-effective solution to replacing a seawall, homeowners find it far more beneficial to conduct regular maintenance for reinforcement and repair.

Does your seawall need to be repaired?

Once damage is visible, there’s a small window of time for seawall repair.  Look for the following signs:

  • Are there any cracks or pieces broken off the cap?
  • Are any of the slabs beginning to deteriorate?
  • Are any of the concrete slabs learning?
  • Is your property losing soil behind the wall?

Mr. Level has experience reinforcing and repairing seawalls using an eco-friendly polyurethane foam to form a water-resistant seal. Our poly leveling method is proven to displace standing water, fill voids and cracks, and regenerate a water-tight.

Repair and Maintain Your Break Wall Without Excavation

You may be putting off much-needed break wall repairs because you’re dreading a big excavation project. The great news is, Mr. Level can repair nearly any break wall with no excavation and no heavy equipment. Best of all, we work with a structural and geo-technical engineering consultant who ensures our repairs are safe and appropriate.

Mr. Level will fill cracks in your break wall, repair broken or shifting portions of the wall, and restore the structural stability of your break wall, all with state-of-the-art polyfoam. Our polyurethane foam is not just a cost-effective solution, it’s also extremely strong and durable. 56 pounds of our poly-foam is equal to 3,600 pounds of concrete!

Safe For Your Break Wall and 
 Safe For The Environment

Protecting our beautiful Cleveland, OH, landscape is important to us at Mr. Level. Our break wall repair services are done with that in mind. We keep your break wall in shape to protect from flooding and erosion and to maintain the Lake Erie shoreline.

Our products and methods are eco-friendly, as well. We never disrupt the landscape with heavy equipment and our polyurethane foam is completely safe. You never have to worry about water or ground contamination when Mr. Level maintains your break wall.

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