Pond Repair

Cleveland, OH

Whether you have a pond on your residential property or there’s a pond at your commercial space, Mr. Level can make the necessary repairs to ensure your pond is structurally sound and safe.

Ponds Require More Than Just Cosmetic Upkeep

There’s no question, ponds do require cosmetic maintenance. This can include removing debris, clearing away wildlife detritus, and chemically treating the water where appropriate. But there could be a lot more going on below the surface that needs attention.

Our clients often come to us with two specific problems: their pond won’t stay full or their pond is constantly flooding. We’re happy to address either of those scenarios with our pond repair services.

Ponds That Won't Stay Full

A pond that won’t stay full could be suffering from a variety of problems. But often, it’s the result of inadequate watershed (water feeding into the pond) or erosion of the pond itself. Inadequate watershed is not an inherently dangerous problem, but erosion is. When the ground surrounding your pond begins to erode, it can cause a safety issue for anyone walking in the area.

Contact the pros at Mr. Level for pond repair services that will not only help your pond maintain its water level, but also make the surrounding landscape safe.

Ponds That Constantly Flood

A pond that constantly floods, even in the absence of excessive rain, may have a drainage issue. This kind of flooding can wreak havoc on a residential property, potentially flooding into our home. Flooding is also a major problem for retention ponds in residential neighborhoods, golf course ponds, and ponds in neighborhood greenspaces.

Speak to the experts at Mr. Level to learn how our pond repair services can address your flooding problem.

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