Concrete Grinding

Cleveland & Columbus, OH

At Mr. Level, we’re experts leveling your concrete slabs and fixing any uneven surfaces left over. We’ve been leveling concrete and correcting structural problems for our friends and neighbors in Cleveland, OH, since 2017.

Concrete Grinding

Things can happen to concrete surfaces over time.

Things can happen with your concrete surfaces over time. Shifting and cracking may result in uneven areas, unusable work surfaces, even hazardous walking conditions. The first step in correcting these issues is leveling your concrete slab. The second step is smoothing any uneven surfaces left behind after leveling. This is done through a process known as concrete grinding.

Concrete Grinding Can Address Many Issues

While uneven, cracked surfaces often occur when a slab of concrete begins to sink or shift, that’s not the only time you may need concrete grinding services. Concrete grinding can be used in a variety of applications.

Removing Old Paint

Many of our customers decide to paint their concrete slabs or apply a beautiful stained finish. But before they can start the project, they find their slab is covered in existing paint. Concrete grinding is the perfect solution for removing old paint to reveal the original concrete surface, making it suitable for new paint or stain.

Leveling for Floor Installation
The addition of new tile or wood flooring can become a difficult task when you discover your concrete surface or slab foundation is uneven. Fortunately, Mr. Level’s concrete grinding process can quickly and easily smooth uneven surfaces and make it possible to install new flooring seamlessly, with no buckling or separating.
Removing Deteriorated Areas

As concrete ages, the top layer can become brittle and begin to deteriorate. If your concrete is in otherwise good condition, grinding away the top layer can give the surface a facelift. This simple process is quicker and much more cost effective than having additional concrete poured on top or replacing the entire slab.

Smoothing the Surface for Walking

A rough concrete surface may be okay in certain applications, like driveways or sidewalks. But when you step out to your garage or patio, it’s nice to feel a smooth surface underfoot – particularly if you’re in bare feet! Our concrete grinding process will get rid of that rough, gritty feeling and create a nice, smooth surface.

Services You Can Count On

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