Concrete Porch Repair

Cleveland & Columbus, OH

Mr. Level will help you get your Sunken Concrete Porch and Steps back to level!​

If your concrete porch or steps are sinking or settling, don’t despair!  Mr. Level’s foam jacking solution is a quick and cost-effective solution for leveling your steps and patio.  The solution requires no excavation, and helps stabilize your soil to prevent future settlement or erosion.  Additionally, this process can be used to prevent issues like water intrusion into your basement!

Save Time and Money, Have Mr. Level Get your porch or patio leveled today!

Concrete porch repair is achieved through our concrete leveling process. It’s fast and inexpensive compared to a complete front porch overhaul. Mr. Level has experience raising porches to fix issues associated with uneven and cracked concrete to keep water from the front porch area, slow leakage, and extend the life of your porch, while improving the look and value of your home. 

In addition to the structural problems caused by an uneven or sinking concrete porch, it can be visually unappealing as well. An otherwise beautiful home can look shabby when the porch structure begins to fail. This can actually lessen the value of your home! 

When you notice your concrete porch has cracks, puddling water, or appears uneven, it’s time to take action. Your porch will never correct itself or level out on its own – the problem will only get worse over time. The professionals at Mr. Level can fix the underlying problem and leave your concrete porch looking as good as new. 

We Can Help with the Following Problems

  • Porch sinking or settling
  • Porch or patio pulling away from the home
  • Large voids developing under the porch or patio
  • Stress cracks developing along the porch or patio

How We Level Your Sunken Porch or Patio

The process of concrete porch repair is minimally invasive. We begin by drilling small holes around the affected concrete, then we pump our polyurethane foam blend to raise and support the sunken areas. In certain situations, we may use our mudjacking slurry to raise the area but in most cases, our polyurethane concrete leveling foam method works best.  At Mr. Level, our goal is to ensure our friends and neighbors in Cleveland, OH, and its surrounding communities have safe, beautiful concrete porches and patios. Each of our customers have unique concrete issues and we tailor our solutions to meet those needs. 
Mr Level Patio and Step Leveling Services
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Mr. Level is licensed and insured, making sure your project is reliable and up to codes and regulations.

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We back our service and products with a lifetime transferrable warranty.

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Our polymers set in less than 25 minutes, require no excavation, and don't put you out of your home.


Our process is a fraction of the cost of replacement, is long-lasting, and requires no excavation.

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Our non-invasive concrete repair processes have been featured on Cleveland’s and Columbus’s most prominent media outlets!