Concrete Step Repair

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Mr. Level Can Fix Your Concrete Steps

Many homes have concrete steps leading to the front porch, the back patio, even down to an external basement entrance. Over time, these steps can begin to crack, break, or sink due to excessive wear and tear, our extreme Cleveland, OH, weather conditions, or shifting in soil. Perhaps more than any other concrete area, failing steps can be extremely dangerous. Poor drainage, water and ice accumulation, and cracked or loose concrete can create a trip and fall hazard – this is something you definitely don’t want at your home.

Our concrete step repair process is fast and cost-effective.

When you work with the team at Mr. Level, you’re ensuring your concrete steps will be transformed from uneven and crumbling to smooth, sturdy, and level. Our process begins with an inspection of your steps and an assessment of the underlying causes of the sinking or cracking.

From there, we’ll drilling one or more small holes in the concrete steps. We pump a concrete slurry or polyurethane compound through the holes, which levels the steps and reinforces the concrete structure.

Our concrete step repair process is much faster and more affordable than removing and rebuilding your steps from scratch. In general, the repaired concrete is ready for normal use in less than 24 hours. 

We Can Help with the Following Problems

  • Sinking Steps
  • Cracks in Steps or Stairs
  • Steps Pulling Away from Home
  • Voids Forming Underneath the Stairs

Uneven Concrete Steps Will Continue To Break Down

Perhaps your steps are not broken or even cracking at this point. But you’ve noticed there’s a bit of a slope, or you’ve seen water puddling or ice forming in certain areas. This means your concrete steps are shifting or sinking. 

Your steps will continue to sink and shift until they crack and eventually, breaks occur. The problem will not heal itself and will only get worse over time. The longer you wait to repair your concrete steps means the more damage you’ll have to deal with.

Ohio Concrete Step Repair Services Columbus and Cleveland

Repair Your Concrete

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Mr. Level is licensed and insured, making sure your project is reliable and up to codes and regulations.

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We back our service and products with a lifetime transferrable warranty.

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Our polymers set in less than 25 minutes, require no excavation, and don't put you out of your home.


Our process is a fraction of the cost of replacement, is long-lasting, and requires no excavation.

Concrete Leveling Before and After

Concrete leveling with polyurethane foam injection is a fast and effective way to get your sunken concrete slabs back to level. Check out the below before and after images to see how it works!

Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After
Before After
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