Concrete Slab Leveling

Cleveland, OH

A sunken slab of concrete is not uncommon in Ohio. If you have a sunken slab of concrete, the experts at Mr. Level can provide concrete lifting and leveling services for homeowners and commercial properties. Our slogan is “Pump it, don’t replace it.”

No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small

Some of our customers worry their jobs may be too small, like restoring a small concrete patio or fixing some minor cracks in a driveway. While others think their job may be too big, like leveling a factory floor or restoring an entire parking lot.

The Mr. Level team is ready to take on any size job – big, small, or anything in between. We’re experts at identifying the best solution for your concrete repair needs and carrying out the job quickly and professionally.

The Benefits of Concrete Lifting and Leveling

Concrete lifting and leveling is inexpensive compared to a complete overhaul. Here are the benefits of concrete leveling: 

  • 1/2 the cost of replacement
  • Doesn’t affect surrounding landscaping
  • Immediately ready for foot traffic
  • Repaired in hours, while it would require days to remove and replace
  • Eliminates trip hazards and associated liabilities

Repair Your Concrete

Ready to start planning your next concrete repair project? Contact Mr. Level for more information on our concrete leveling services.

How It Works

If you have a sunken slab of concrete, Mr. Level will drill a dime-sized hole and pump our polyurethane product under the concrete slab to lift it. Raising concrete with polyurethane is done with incremental injections under the slab until it is perfectly level.

Solutions Specific To Your Needs

When it comes to concrete slab leveling, there are a variety of techniques to choose from. Naturally, several factors go into determining which process would be best for a certain application, such as size and location, use and traffic, budget, and timeline.

Our team will review these options with you and help you understand the best solution for your specific situation. From fixing a porch or patio to step and slab leveling, to driveway restoration, Mr. Level is here for all your concrete repair and leveling needs.