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Trip Hazard Mitigation with Polyurethane Concrete Lifting

Trip hazards are a critical safety issue for neighborhoods and businesses. They can cause people to fall and break bones, or to drop and break valuable goods. Mitigating and repairing trip hazards is perhaps one of the most valuable applications that Polyurethane foam concrete lifting can be used for.

Trip hazards can come in many forms. Sunken or misaligned concrete slabs such as foundation slabs, walkways, sidewalks, or settled floors can cause areas where tripping is a major risk.  These irregular walking surfaces pose a risk to personal safety and should be considered a major liability concern for businesses, HOA’s, governments, or homeowners. If neglected, trip hazards could cost thousands in legal fees.

A fast, cost-effective, and minimally invasive solution for remediating trip hazards is polyurethane concrete lifting. Polyurethane concrete lifting processes involve injecting a geotechnical polyurethane foam material into the soil beneath a concrete slab. Concrete slabs sink and settle over time because their support soils erode, wash away, or otherwise degrade. Once injected below the slab, the polyurethane quickly fills the void underneath the slab and then compacts the compromised soils below it.  Once the soils are adequately compacted, the polyurethane will begin to lift the slab until it is leveled.

Lifting concrete slabs with polyurethane is a fast and effective solution that can save you from the consequences that could arise from potential trips, falls, or injuries due to neglected trip hazards.

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