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Why Businesses Rely on Mr. Level for Concrete Repair

Businesses rely on Mr. Level for concrete repair

Is your business sinking—or is it just your concrete? If your concrete has created a hazardous or unappealing condition and you want it fixed for good, Mr. Level is the concrete repair solution for your business needs.

Our concrete leveling application has been issued on sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, loading docks and floors for commercial properties like apartment complexes, factories and warehouses. We’ve done all types of concrete repairs, ranging from single concrete slabs to total floor replacements.

Understand the importance of concrete leveling and why Mr. Level has the solution to the many challenges business owners face when it comes to maintaining the concrete in and around commercial property.


There are many reasons why business owners shouldn’t wait to fix cracked, sunken or uneven concrete.

Safety is a top concern when it comes to uneven concrete. Trip hazards can harm you, your staff, and/or your customers, allowing your business to be open for unwanted liability.

Structural and water damage can present many issues, too. When a concrete slab settles, doors and windows stick, and structures connected to the slab may crack and settle as a result. Water can add up to costly foundation repairs if break walls or sunken driveways and parking lots are left unaddressed.

Looking to level out your bottom line? Our concrete leveling can be 50-70% less than the cost of replacing your concrete. We’re also the only company in Ohio to offer a lifetime warranty.

Mr. Level understands that looks matter. Uneven, cracked or sunken concrete are all huge eye sores. If your business has a poor appearance, it could leave customers with a negative impression of your business—no matter how reputable it is.

Is your company trying to go green? By raising your concrete, you are already saving your current slab from being torn out and deposited in a landfill. Furthermore, we use a polyurethane foam filling product. What is polyurethane? It’s an eco-friendly solution to concrete lifting made from renewable and recycled materials that should last a lifetime.


If your company has sunken, uneven or cracked concrete, you want to get your concrete leveled right away. With the skilled knowledge and experience of Mr. Level, your business will be safe and attractive to staff and customers and cost-effective for your bottom-line.

We always look to fix your concrete first—but if we can’t, we are the only company that will replace it if needed.

Our polyurethane foam filling is not only good for the environment, but also produces better results than mudjacking. This is especially good news for commercial properties. Take, for example, recent projects we completed filling voids for a Rocky River Community Association Management company that was concerned about residents being forced to move out if they had to do concrete work. If they had they chosen to mudjack the floors, the properties would have been deemed unlivable. But with Mr. Level’s quick and easy polyurethane spray, their business was able to continue running as smooth as the concrete we repaired.


Another reason to choose Mr. Level is because of our flexibility working with our customers. Spooner Inc., a Westlake, Ohio-based workers’ compensation savings and risk management services company, couldn’t shut down business on weekdays. To accommodate their schedule, we worked with a moving company to help Spooner move out for the weekend, so we could repair their concrete and have them moved back in by Sunday night, so their business could continue as usual Monday morning. Whatever it takes to make the customer happy has always been the way Mr. Level does business.

Still unsure if Mr. Level is the right solution for your business? Some of our commercial clients find it helpful to have us come in and explain the concept and applications for concrete leveling to their staff or property managers. We’ve given presentations for community management associations to walk through the process and explain the benefits.

Don’t put your concrete leveling project on hold. When neglected, uneven concrete gets worse over time. The added sinking costs more money to repair as well as more structural and safety issues to address. Repair now to avoid costly repairs and future liabilities.

Get help leveling your concrete today by requesting a free concrete estimate from Mr. Level.